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When an organization under the control of the Central Government publishes a recruitment notice, it is called Govt job circular. Most of the students in Bangladesh think that their only goal is to get any government job. This is not just a job anymore. It has become an ambition.

Why is Govt job very populer?

The reason why government jobs are so popular is that government jobs have a lifetime guarantee. Most of the people sees govt job as a money machine. Maximum higher officers are currept. They take bribe to ligalize illigal projects as well as works. Although they get a handsome salary but they ask for bribe as an essention part of their work. Even a post man will take minimum 100 taka to handover your letter. And according to them, it is a gental proscess. Thus a govt employee earn a lot of money in this country.

Why it is too hard to get a Govt job in 2022?

As I have mentioned above that govt jobs are very fascinating to us. Very less persents of students wants to become an entrepreneur. Most of the students get their degree just to join the govt job exams. If a government institute puplish job circular for 40 posts, then 40,000 people apply there. If you take a look at the numbers you will understand why it is too hard to get a govt job in 2022. This govt job sector is highly competitive. And this is the reason why getting govt job is very hard.

Who Publish Govt job circular?

Institutions under the government publish Govt Job Circular. When an institution feel that they need more workers, then they publish job circular for their institution and since the institution is under the central government so it is called a govt job circular. Here we are giving some example of govt job sector: